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Banking Content Management

It used to be that a bank's website was a virtual extension of its brick and mortar locations. Today, it's those physical branches that seem like an afterthought. Over 70 million Americans do their banking online and that's number will only increase. Financial institutions of all sizes have to provide both an outstanding online experience for their customers and an easy-to-use content management system for their staff. That's why LRS® Antilles is the perfect web solution for the banking industry. If you're ready to take your banking site to the next level, then you're ready for LRS® Antilles. It's the bank CMS that offers the content management tools your team needs along with the features your customers expect. LRS® Antilles has a suite of modules for banks of all sizes. Our CMS banking package contains alerts, financial calculators, rates management, locations, speed bumps and more. Our banking modules used along with other features will allow you manage blog content, maintain pages, upload images and manage resources. Just a few examples of our bank site launches can be seen in our blog.

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