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Customer Testimonials

With LRS Antilles, ease of use and quick updates on the fly make us more efficient and timely.

Alysse Hewell / Troxell

LRS Antilles saves us time and money when I can make minor adjustments myself.

Maria Eckert / First Bankers Trust Company

Editing the catalog is very easy to do, as is adding new people to the staff page. I think LRS Antilles has made it easier for everybody involved with our website.

Patty Brockmeyer / Designer Landscapes

LRS Antilles makes website changes easy.

Jake Holmes / Havana National Bank

LRS Antilles has made sharing and updating information with our constituents more efficient and just flat easier.

Keith Wetherell / Illinois Amvets

LRS Antilles has made sharing and updating information with our constituents more efficient and just flat easier.

Tim Hortberg / Marine Bank

We have a great new website for our clients, and with LRS Antilles we can easily communicate new products that are available.

Christy Steen / Saints Avenue Bank

An Agile Approach to Web Development

LRS Antilles strives to instill a new way of thinking about how your website should grow and evolve

Our LRS Antilles team collaborates with you on developing the custom site your business deserves in a high-quality framework that's tested, reliable, and highly capable.

LRS Antilles provides the content management system features and training you need to manage your site top to bottom in-house in a simple and meaningful way.

LRS Antilles' team of experts is here when you need us. No calling queues, no runaround, just a knowledgeable staff and exemplary service guaranteed.

See How it Works

Adaptable Pricing Models

LRS Antilles pricing is flexible and feature-based

Solutions for any budget.

Industry-tailored feature sets available.

Award-winning custom design.

A la carte feature sets. Pick what you want, leave what you don't.

On-demand custom development spec'd and built to your needs.

The Difference is in the Features

LRS Antilles is always evolving. Adding and enhancing features is our specialty.

Gain access to an array of website features that are intuitive, easy to manage, and beautiful.

Make your business leaner, more efficient, and more effective with the right tools.

Improve customer engagement with the right applications implemented the right way.

Explore our features