With so many CMS options to choose from, why LRS Antilles?  This is a question our team gets frequently. There are so many reasons to choose Antilles, but today I'm going to focus on three main points.

The people that created the software, are the same people building your website on the platform

This is a unique attribute in the world of content management software. More times than not, the software developers that build a content management system are not implementing the software for real world applications every day.

By using LRS Antilles, the team that is creating your site, is the same team that has built the core platform from ground up. This means customizations can more easily, and quickly be put into the base software package and rolled out to your site in an update. LRS Web Solutions manages the updates and release schedule. There is no reliance on a third party. Why is this important? By having new features included as part of the base package it means less customizations to your website. Less custom code results in easier upgrades, and fewer issues with adding new features and applying bug fixes and updates.

The LRS Web Solutions team knows the inner workings of LRS Antilles. We do not have to submit a ticket to the software vendor, or post a question on a forum to find an answer. We can take care of it sometimes in a matter of minutes.

But there are so many plug-ins and widgets available on other platforms

This is true, other platforms have a large base of community contributed modules and vendor supplied modules. While this can be a good fit for some projects there are potential issues. Let's look at an example. Your site is built on the popular platform, WordPress, version X. the newest shiniest best version of the product ever. You find a really awesome theme that you love, purchase it at a very inexpensive price and install it. You also need to display news articles, so you find a free plugin to do what you need, download and install it.   While you're at it you find plugins to display events, one to show alerts, a fancy SEO plugin, an inexpensive eCommerce module to sell a few of your products and another to build custom forms. I forgot to mention all of these pieces were built by and maintained by different developers. You have a super awesome site ready to go, at a relatively inexpensive up front cost and pretty quickly.

Now, let's fast forward 6 months down the road.

WordPress has released a new version, X.2.   It has several security vulnerability updates that could open your site to several hacks, along with some bug fixes. It's really simple to upgrade your WordPress version, so that's what you do, no problem.  The upgrade goes without a hitch, with a few exceptions.  The news module that was installed will not run on version X.2 of word press and there is not an update yet. The eCommerce module does not work, and the developer is no longer making updates to the plugin. You'll have to find your own PHP developer now to make changes to this 3rd party module. Upon further testing you find there are issues with the theme, and it needs updated to the newest version to prevent hackers from easily injecting malware into your site, however it cannot be upgraded on the new version of WordPress. Now the decision has to be made to roll back to a version of WordPress with vulnerabilities to fix the security issues with your theme, or run on the newest version of WordPress but on an insecure theme. 

You see how these issues could continue to stack up and make maintaining a secure site very difficult when you're working with so many different vendors and developers. So while Antilles may not have the community input that other more established systems have, you can be assured that the modules we're creating are going to work and be compatible with on going development.

You get to have input on the future of this product

Yes, LRS Antilles is still in it's infancy with just over 100 customers running websites on the platform.  What's so exciting about this is that you get to provide input on the product roadmap and what features we need.  The most important feedback that we can get is from people using the software everyday. Users are who will shape this product into what it will become. Users can tell us what features are going to be the most useful, what changes are going to save time, or what tweaks can be made to make our software even better.

By choosing LRS Antilles YOU get to shape the future of the CMS that you're using. Not a Software Architect who has never maintained a website.  Not a Software Engineer who THINKS they know how you should be using THEIR system. But you, someone using the software every single day. You get to help us shape the future of LRS Antilles. 

And this is why you should choose LRS Antilles for your next web site build.

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