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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

Health Care Package

A big benefit of the Antilles Health Care Package is the power of associations with 3 key modules. This allows users to easily tie information together without data entry redundancy.

LRS Antilles CMS Health Care Package Can Include: 

  • Physician and Services Data Import

    Prevent errors and duplication through data integration from your current system for physician, services and location information.

  • Locations

    Multiple clinics can be centrally maintained with the Locations module and shared throughout the site.

  • Services

    Include an overview and greater details of your services. Centralized in one place for easy updating, updates will go live across the site.

  • Patient Portal Integration

    We can help make your website and patient portal work together.

  • Medical Specialties

    Share the details of your expertise in any specialty. Link to physician bios for more impact.

  • Physician/Staff Bios

    Easily add, update health care provider credentials, photos, and videos. Integrates with services and locations.

  • Events/Classes

    Register patients for events and classes without needing a third-party vendor.

  • Alerts

    Quickly notify website users with vital information on every page.

  • Reviews

    Showcase your patient reviews and provider ratings using Google schema.

  • Content Integration

    Easily migrate your content from from WordPress, Expression Engine, or other another CMS.