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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


Take Control With Custom, LRS Antilles Financial Modules

Your bank, insurance, or credit union website will be easy to manage with LRS Antilles CMS and these financial modules.

  • Rates Management

    Manage the interest rates for multiple loan types and account types while allowing customers to sign up for alerts when rates reach a certain number.

  • Locations

    Easily maintain the details of each branch location and ATM.

  • Calculators

    Give your customers useful banking calculators to help them calculate monthly payments for different loan types.

  • Speed Bumps

    Appease your auditors by using Antilles Speed Bumps. If a user is leaving your banking site, Antilles Speed Bumps will alert them that they are going to a third party site.

  • Loan Payments

    Ask us about how to add a custom loan payment feature to your banking package.