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Safeguard Your Site with LRS® Antilles CMS & Monsido®

Cutting-Edge. Competitive. Compliant. 

Not Just Website Maintenance; Website Insights.
Streamline maintenance. Fix mistakes.
Optimize content. Track accessibility compliance.

Add an extra layer of accessibility, security, and peace of mind: Add the Monsido®  platform to your website redesign. Paired with LRS®Web Solutions Antilles Content Manager, Monsido gives the LRS team the easiest methods to easily and thoroughly review and optimize your website, saving you time, money and hassle.

While you're uploading and editing content within the LRS® Antilles, the LRS team can scan your website for errors as soon as a page is published - allowing us to find and fix mistakes, optimize content, and manage your site more efficiently. All with the Monsido® platform. The perfect complement to your next redesign.

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Monsido delivers easy-to-understand insights for:

  • Accessibility (A, AA, AAA conformance level) allowing you to easily locate accessibility issues, track pages and prioritize problems.
  • Content Readability—Make sure users can easily read and understand the content on your website
  • Feedback—Ratings, and comments from visitors so you can hear about their experience on your website
  • Quality Assurance—Misspellings and broken links that could cause visitors to leave
  • Rules and Policies specified for your company, like branding guidelines, best practices, and coding standards.
  • SEO Find errors, warnings, and reviews to help get more visibility and visitors to the right pages
  • Statistics—Analyze data such as page visits and page views to help uncover what to fix on the most popular pages

Insights available vary with selected subscription services.

Benefits for you:

  • Worry Less About Website Compliance With Ongoing Scans
  • Proactively Protect Your Website from Lawsuits
  • Save Time & Money by Letting LRS Identify Issues Early
  • Easily Find and Fix Issues Regularly with Assistance from the LRS Web Solutions Team
  • Get Professional Help Maintaining a Large Website

Keep your website cutting edge, competitive and compliant with LRS® and the Monsido® website checker.

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