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LRS Antilles Banking Package

Take control of your bank website development, and manage content more efficiently.

With the LRS Antilles Banking Package, you extend the powerful CMS banking features provided by the core platform.

Your bank website will come installed with our ready-to-use financial modules. Maintaining content for your bank website will never be easier. 

You can take control of your website and maintain content using the following LRS Antilles financial modules.

If additional features and functionality are required, our experienced team of developers at LRS Web Solutions can build custom modules to meet all your business needs.

  • Alerts Notify banking customers of important announcements such as closures, security issues or updates to your banking platform.
  • Locations Find branch and ATM locations and add, update or remove locations from the administrative screens.
  • Financial Calculators Give your customers useful banking calculators to help them calculate monthly payments for different loan types.
  • Rates Management Manage the interest rates for multiple loan types and account types while allowing customers to sign up for alerts when rates reach a certain number. 
  • Form Builder Create unlimited forms to collect information from visitors and place them on any page of the website.
  • WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Is your website accessible for all users? As a financial institution, it is important for your site to be compliant with accessibility standards. As part of a website redesign, LRS Web Solutions reviews your redesigned website for accessibility under the WCAG 2.1 standards using Siteimprove and provides a detailed report showing issues that were identified and resolved. Read more about our partnership with Siteimprove and learn how to maintain accessibility as your website is updated.

LRS Antilles provides the ideal content management system and web design for banks. Our CMS will help deliver information to your banking customers faster than ever.   

See examples of our banking websites: 

So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about LRS Antilles capabilities with bank website design, request a demo, or start a free trial today!

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