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Article Content Editor User Guide

The Article Toolbar

Add Content (+)

Paragraph Toolbar

Add an Image

Accordions and Tabs




Advanced Formatting


About Article

Article is the new content editor integrated into LRS Antilles Content Manager. It is a product of Imperiavi.

Article Content Editor uses a “block” style format. Each piece of content, whether text, an image or video, is considered a block. Think of your content as individual units ("blocks"). that are stacked on top of one another. Each block has its own "mini" toolbar, seen below.

The Article Toolbar

While using the content editor, notice the word “Article” in gray type. Click this to return to the basic Article Toolbar. 

Underneath the word “Article” our symbols of the Article Toolbar. This will always be visible. This toolbar is the "top level" or "home level" of the Article Content Editor. 

+ – Click the plus sign to choose the type of content block, such as a paragraph, text, or grid. See more in the "Add Content" section below.  Templates – Custom-built sites may include templates that can be added here. Ask your project manager if your site uses templates. Mobile View – this automatically changes your content to a mobile-friendly layout, so you can see what the content will look like on mobile devices. A good mobile view is very important for your users’ experience! <> This button accesses the html code for the entire page, not just an individual block.

Add Content (+)

Below are the options when you click the “+” sign from the Article Toolbar. Each of these 10 options has its own toolbar.

Paragraph – Add text
Images –
Add or upload an image
Paste HTML code for Vimeo or YouTube videos
– Add a horizontal line between blocks
– Add a table – Note – be sure to only use tables for data. For text and photos, use the “Grid” to add columns
– Add accordions, tabs, and other customized design elements custom made for your website. Do not use the columns. For columns, use the Grid feature.
– Pull quote styling
– Add instant design to your page – you will see options for up to 5 columns, and alternative design styles, as seen below.

Layers - Ask your project manager if your site users layers.

Paragraph Toolbar

Adding Text

Each paragraph is a block. A block might be multiple sentences, only one sentence, a bulleted list, a headline, etc.

Click the + sign and select the Paragraph icon. An empty block will appear with a flashing cursor, ready for you to type or paste content. Once you've added text, use the paragraph toolbar to edit and stylize the content as desired. 

Download a video to see How to work with text in Article

How to Link to an internal page or external site

Sect the text 

Click the link icon and choose "link"

Enter the text and the url. If you want the link to open in a new window, check the box. 

Click Insert

If the link doesn't work, try saving your page and retry. 

How to Link PDFs

1. Open Resources in a new browser window.

2. Upload the PDF in resources 

2. Click "Copy Path"

3.  Go to the page where you want the link. 

4. Select the text you want to link

5. Click the link icon and choose "link" 

6. Paste the path you copied from Resources. 

7. Click "Insert." 

Note: If the link doesn't work, save the page and try again. 
Download a video to see how to link a PDF.

Add an Image

NOTE: Be sure to size your image in an image editor before uploading it to your website. Keep the file size reasonable. (no more than 1500 pixels at 72 dpi). The current version of Article does not contain a photo editor. 

To Add an image, click the + sign and click on the Image icon. 

There are 3 ways to add an image:

  1. Paste the URL of an online image (or the relative URL from your site such as "/Resources/9109e96d-89c3-4f07-9687-0700d3b433a4/Rm118b-300px.jpg")
  2. Upload an image to LRS Antilles from your computer
  3. Choose an image already uploaded to LRS Antilles.

Download a video to see How to upload images in Article

Add an Accordion or Tab

Accordions contain 3 parts: The title, the content, and the whole group. 

Insert an accordion: =  + Snippet Accordions

To add additional accordions or tabs, carefully click on the dotted line, or click inside the accordion, hold ctrl and click again. The entire box will have show a solid blue line and you will see the accordion label on the far right. From the mini toolbar, click the duplicate icon. 

Accordion Title


Accordion Title


Accordion Title



First Step

Click on the Plus Sign

Second Step

Click Snippet

Third Step

Click Accordion or Tab


On the right side of the Article bar, you will see 3 symbols. The third symbol contains a list of shortcuts.



Additional shortcuts:

• Select All - Ctrl Shift A A
• Move blocks - Ctrl Shift (arrow)
• Select more blocks Ctrl Click



Save your page! Often, this can alleviate difficulties with the content editor.

Submit a Helpdesk ticket - If you're stuck, or think there's a problem with your content editor, contact Helpdesk

Advanced Formatting

Accordion/Tab duplication

Method 1: Click "Div" and then click the copy symbol

Method 2: Select the blue “edge” of the accordion block  and click copy. This takes a bit to get the feel of it.

Move accordion content: Select the Accordion block (title and content blocks) using one of the above methods. Hold Ctrl and use up or down arrows to move accordion or tab content.


How to work with text in Article

How to upload images in Article

How to link pdfs