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How-To Videos

We're renowned for our helpful staff. But we also give our clients the training and tools so they can work independently. 

Watch LRS Antilles CMS in action and see how easy it is to use. Contact us to give it a whirl on your own website. 

For more info, check our "Antilles Pro" blog posts at LRS Web Solutions

How to Create a New Page for Your Site
How to Upload Images and Files to a Page
Using Columns to Organize Text
How to Create a Blogpost
How to Optimize Your Pages to Rank in Google
How To Use Accordions to Organize Content
How to Use Workflow to Approve a Page
How to Create a Modal Popup
How to Update Your Rotating Images Using List Builder
How To Approve User Comments
How to Create a Form - Part 1
How to Create a Form - Part 2
How to Create a Form - Part 3
How to Create a Form - Part 4

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