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LRS Antilles Health Care Package

Your health care facility creates a great experience for patients and families.

Your website shouldn't be any different.

Streamline Your Website for the Best Patient Experience

Your website is an extension of your service and your reputation. But has your website grown larger than you can manage on your own? Is it frustrating you and your staff when trying to maintain it? 

For the best health care websites, you need to partner with an industry leader who understands how to meet the needs of all your stakeholders: your company leadership, industry partners and most importantly, your patients and their families. 

Health care websites are a growing part of the LRS Web Solutions portfolio. Using LRS Antilles CMS, our home-grown content management system, we've built many medical websites, from small outpatient clinics to large hospital systems. We understand your struggles with your website, and we can provide the solutions.

Our Digital Strategy

From reining in a sprawling taxonomy and untangling navigation to integrating robust search features and sharing heartfelt patient stories, our digital strategy customizes your website to align with your health care system's mission and goals. 

  • Robust, easy-to-use search features - Whether users are searching for a job or the cafeteria menu, your search function had better be top-notch.
  • Clean, modern design - Users pair website quality with the quality of your services. Get a design that meets standards but helps you stand apart from your competitors.
  • Beautiful, compassionate photography - Thinking carefully about your clinic's demographics, we'll match photography style and content to mirror that audience to build trust in your organization. (See
  • Streamlined navigation - Is your navigation an overwhelming "mega menu" of choices? Too many options can confuse visitors. Let us help straighten it out.
  • Clear taxonomy - Health care structure can easily become a tangled web of various categories. Our UX expert will organize how your services are organized.
  • Unified brand presence - Your organization's logo, colors, and icons will all be optimized and standardized in your website's style guide to ensure a high-quality, unified brand presence to promote trust in your organization.
  • Optimized for mobile - When patients are at your locations, they can easily find the information they need on their iPhone(TM), Galaxy(TM) or another mobile device. 

LRS Antilles CMS Health Care Package Can Include:

  • Physician/Staff Bios - Easily add, update health care provider credentials, photos, and videos. 
  • Patient Portal Integration - We can help make your website and patient portal work together. LRS Antilles CMS is compatible with Follow My Health and other patient portal software?  
  • Services/Specialties- Include overview and details of your services and specialties. Centralized in one place and updates will go live across the site.
  • Alerts - Notify patients about important announcements such as closures, security issues or updates to your website platform.
  • News/Blog - Provide valuable and high-quality health information and keep your users engaged with your company through regular news items and blog posts. 
  • Events - Event management made easy. Professional development, patient education, public awareness events, the possibilities are endless.
  • Locations - Easily add individual hospitals and clinics. add, update or remove locations from the administrative screens.
  • Form Builder - Create unlimited forms to collect information from visitors and place them on any page of the website.
  • Accessibility - Is your website accessible for all users? As a health care organization, it is critical that your site complies with accessibility standards. We test your redesigned website for WCAG 2.1 accessibility and provide a detailed report showing issues that were identified and resolved. Read more about our partnership with Siteimprove and learn how to maintain accessibility as your website is updated.
  • Careers - Websites are indispensable recruiting tools. Make yours great and attract top talent.
  • Listbuilder - Build centralized locations for testimonials, page sections, mobile banners

Don't need all of these? No worries! We will build your website based on your goals and needs to fit your budget. Need additional features or functionality? No problem. Our experienced team of developers at LRS Web Solutions can build custom modules to meet all your business needs.

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LRS Antilles provides the ideal content management system and web design for health care. Maintaining content for your health care website will never be easier or faster. 

See examples of our health care websites: 


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