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LRS Antilles Banking Package

Future-proof your bank website with powerful CMS features that encourage engagement with your customers.

Cutting-Edge for Today's Savvy Customers.

To compete in today's financial industry, your bank website must be better than ever before.

With a modern, mobile-friendly design, optimized content, and the little extras to keep your customers engaged, your bank can rank higher and draw customers. 

Your customers want a modern, mobile-friendly design, easy navigation to find what they need, and security to know their accounts are protected.

You want an easy-to-use system to manage your content, integration with your 3rd-party mobile banking platform, and the ability to grow and change as needed.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Competition for customers is fierce. Keep your bank on the cutting edge of your competition with a modern bank website that is easy and enjoyable for your customers to use and also easy for your team to update.

Gain a competitive edge with mobile banking trends and content hubs (

Whether in your bank, at home or somewhere in between, your customers want an exceptional experience where they want it when they want it. 

Customized Financial Websites for Cutting-Edge Best Results

Your bank website design will come installed with customized, ready-to-use financial modules. Maintaining content for your bank or credit union website will never be easier.

We built our CMS to design websites that your staff can easily manage the financial website without worrying about the technical details.  

Keep those savvy digital customers with personalized content; Deliver up-to-date pricing and best deals for deal-hunters; Gain trust with quick responses and secure website data. Focus on engagement and user experience across channels.

Create an Omnichannel Experience for Your Customers

Your customers' journey extends to the website, mobile apps, social media and inside your branches - we can help you create a seamless experience everywhere. 

According to Business, "64% of users on a mobile device say they would research banks' mobile banking capabilities before opening an account." 

Without an excellent mobile banking experience, you'll lose an estimated 61% of your users.

LRS Antilles CMS delivers seamless integration whether your users are using desktop computers, tablets or other mobile devices. 

LRS Web Solutions takes a "mobile-first" approach to our websites, including bank websites. Highlight highlighting customers and success stories, add in a social feed and a chatbot. Make sure your content is optimized for mobile and voice searches. We can also help you modernize your logo and branding materials.

Take control of your website and maintain content using custom, LRS Antilles financial modules.

LRS Web Solutions specializes in building the best bank websites. Here's how we do it.

  • Alerts - Notify banking customers of important announcements such as closures, security issues or updates to your banking platform.
  • Blog - Blog posts help gain trust with your users as they come back regularly for your expertise. It also keeps fresh content flowing into your site regularly.
  • Calculators - Give your customers useful banking calculators to help them calculate monthly payments for different loan types.
  • Form Builder - Create unlimited forms to collect information from visitors and place them on any page of the website.
  • Image Gallery - Showcase your people, events and community impact with a gallery of images. 
  • Locations - Find branch and ATM locations and add, update or remove locations from the administrative screens. Got multiple locations? No problem. LRS Antilles CMS locations module allows you to easily maintain multiple locations for a streamlined and consistently branded user experience. 
  • Rates Management - Manage the interest rates for multiple loan types and account types while allowing customers to sign up for alerts when rates reach a certain number. 
  • Online banking systems - Our user-friendly CMS integrates with numerous online banking modules. Contact us for more information. 
  • Round-Up  / Debt Payoff assistant
  • Security Features - Website security is a critical part of our projects. SSL security standards are built into every site. Don't let your bank get breached. Consider hosting your site with LRS Network Support.
  • WCAG 2.1 Accessibility - Is your website accessible for all users? As a financial institution, it is important for your site to be compliant with accessibility standards. As part of a website redesign, LRS Web Solutions reviews your redesigned website for accessibility under the WCAG 2.1 standards using Monsido and provides a detailed report showing issues that were identified and resolved. Read more about our partnership with Mosnido and learn how to maintain accessibility as your website is updated.

Need something special? No problem. our experienced team of web developers at LRS Web Solutions can build custom modules and apps to meet all your business needs.

Hop on over to the LRS Web Solutions Portfolio and take a look at just a few of our best banking websites: 

Learn more about LRS Antilles innovations in bank website design, request a demo, or start a free trial today!

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