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Features of LRS Antilles CMS

Enhance the usability of your site with robust, configurable, responsive features in your Content Management System.

Collaborate in a User-Friendly Workspace

Features are what make a great content management system. With LRS Antilles CMS. each feature is its own "module." We've built these modules to work flawlessly either individually or together to give your unique business an easy way to maintain your website.

LRS Antilles Dashboard
The LRS Antilles Dashboard


Take a look below at the core components you'll get "out of the box." We also offer more advanced modules and customized packages for various industries. Not sure what you need? Don't worry. We'll design a set of solutions that fits your needs and goals. Give it a try with a no-obligation demo! Check out our 5-star reviews on 

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Core Components

  • Pages Editor

    Easily add, edit and organize your website pages with our Pages Editor. An easy-to-manage, WYSIWYG editor lets you add headers, photos, styling and more. 

  • Accessibility Compliance

    Check your website for accessibility problems and keep your website compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA standards. Maintain accessibility compliance with the LRS Accessibility Package.

  • Resources

    Upload and maintain all your photos, graphics, pdfs and other resources in one place with our Resource module. Image editor included.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We make SEO fun! LRS Antilles' built-in scoring uses best practices to optimize your web pages and blog posts to help you rank in search results. Ongoing SEO services available.

  • Style Guide

    When LRS Web Solutions builds your site on the LRS Antilles platform, you have a full style guide as a reference for your unique branding elements designed for your site. 

  • Audit Log

    Keep track of which staff members are maintaining your site and what type of changes are being made with the Antilles Audit Log.

Advanced Modules

  • Alerts

    Update for 2020: Alerts is now a core component! Let your customers know when you have important announcements. Antilles Alerts will grab site visitors' attention while elegantly and seamlessly integrating into your site.

  • Blog

    Blog content management is easy with the LRS Antilles blog module. Promote brand loyalty and draw users back for fresh new content, blending the best parts of the blog platforms you know and love.

  • Events

    With Antilles Events, you can post happenings and set up online registrations in a responsive, stylized list view.

  • News

    Post press releases and other newsy items with Antilles News, an easy-to-manage feature that lets you keep your news organized and easy to read.

  • Photo Gallery

    With Antilles Photo Gallery, easily manage galleries and photo albums with integrated social sharing and a fully responsive design.

  • Video Gallery

    With Antilles Video Gallery, you can house your videos on your YouTube channel and have them pull into your site in a dynamic, highly stylized fashion.

  • Taxonomy

    You might call this “Smart Search.”  After entering a little bit of data, this module produces a more robust search to help your customers find what they need more easily. 

Business Tools

  • Form Builder

    Create functional, complex, and secure web forms on your own with LRS Antilles Form Builder. Avoid third-party vendors by keeping your forms and submissions within your website. All forms are easily maintained from the LRS Antilles admin. 

  • List Builder

    Use this powerful tool to add sophisticated elements to your site independently, without developer involvement or programming.
    Build FAQ's, staff directories, job listings and much more.  

  • Employment Module

    Manage job openings and accept applications online with LRS Antilles Employment Module.

  • eCommerce

    Retailers and Businesses can use the Antilles Store to display products, allow ordering, accept payments and fulfill orders. LRS Web Solutions has experts on staff to help integrate and automate your existing inventory with your Antilles Store saving you time and money. You can also add reports, e-books, service appointments and more. 

  • User Roles

    Monitor website updates by assigning user roles to your team. Enable workflow to ensure that only approved content goes live. 

Customer Testimonials

With LRS Antilles, ease of use and quick updates on the fly make us more efficient and timely.

Alysse Hewell / Troxell

LRS Antilles saves us time and money when I can make minor adjustments myself.

Maria Eckert / First Bankers Trust Company

Editing the catalog is very easy to do, as is adding new people to the staff page. I think LRS Antilles has made it easier for everybody involved with our website.

Patty Brockmeyer / Designer Landscapes

LRS Antilles makes website changes easy.

Jake Holmes / Havana National Bank

LRS Antilles has made sharing and updating information with our constituents more efficient and just flat easier.

Keith Wetherell / Illinois Amvets

LRS Antilles has made sharing and updating information with our constituents more efficient and just flat easier.

Tim Hortberg / Marine Bank

We have a great new website for our clients, and with LRS Antilles we can easily communicate new products that are available.

Christy Steen / Saints Avenue Bank

Financial Toolsets

  • Rates

    Easily manage the rates displayed on your site and allow your customers to sign up for notifications with Antilles Rates.

  • Calculators

    With Antilles Calculators easily provide a suite of financial calculators to your potential customers to keep them coming back to your site.

  • Branch & ATM Locator

    Make it easy for your customers to find your locations from any device, anywhere with the Antilles Branch & ATM Locator.

  • Speed Bumps

    Appease your auditors by using Antilles Speed Bumps. If a user is leaving your banking site, Antilles Speed Bumps will alert them that they are going to a third party site.

Healthcare Tools

  • Physician/Staff Bios

     Let patients meet their physicians through photos, videos, and credentials.

  • Patient Portal Integration

    Streamline your website with your online patient system.

  • Medical Specialties

    Outline your providers' areas of expertise. Add taxonomy for better website searches.


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