So you’re thinking about your business’s website – it needs improvement. (Kudos to you for being a forward-thinking employee!)  

You may already be using a Content Management System like WordPress, Squarespace, Joomla, Wix or something like them. These platforms got your feet wet in website management, but now you’re ready for something better for your business.

What Features Do I Need?

With so many CMS’s out there wanting your attention, how do you know what features to demand in the best Content Management System (CMS)? has listed 15 “must have” features.   

We at LRS Web Solutions took a look at that list to see how well our own content management system LRS Antilles Content Manager (named after a group of Caribbean islands) stacks up. We've been building websites since the dawn of the web.  

We continue to refine our content management system based on the needs and wants of our clients and the evolution of responsive web design. That’s a unique feature in the world of CMS: we built it, and we maintain it. (And we have fun, too. See the team.)

How well does LRS Antilles stack up?

Take a look at the 15 features recommends for quality CMS programs and see how LRS Antilles compares:

Congratulations! You’re now more knowledgeable about the features your CMS needs to have to create an effective website. You deserve a pat on the back for reading this far (and we’ll tell your boss that.) 

Overwhelmed with this list of features? Don’t worry. You're not in this alone. But you can see that LRS Antilles matches this list feature by features. It's all right there waiting for you with LRS Antilles.

Take the next step

Plus, there's a lot more we can show you about LRS Antilles and the team at LRS Web Solutions. Reach out to LRS Web Solutions Manager Jeff Enlow for a no-obligation consultation and a free demo. Or call Jeff at 793-3800, and let’s discuss the needs of your business and find out if LRS Antilles is a good match for you. If you’re an independent type, you can also try LRS Antilles for free, review our CMS features or watch one of our how-to videos to see how easy it is to use LRS Antilles CMS. You can also subscribe to this blog for more posts about all things related to website design, content management systems, SEO, apps and much more. 

In any case, we’re here when you’re ready. 

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