Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Illinois Coalition for Community Services (ICCS) provides incredible social services for our state, addressing hunger, organizing youth programs and connecting individuals with crisis services.  

Executive Director Jason Gyure acknowledges that the ICCS branding and messaging were somewhat dated. “We needed an upgrade and a more modern, fresh perspective. We were driving for a website that was clean and sharp and organized.”modern web design empowered.

LRS Web Solutions updated the ICCS website with three words as the cornerstone of the site and their brand: Enable. Empower. Encourage. These three words take center stage on the homepage, packing a more powerful, emotional impact.

A new logo, a mobile-friendly site structure and a streamlined layout deliver a bolder, more sophisticated brand presence, reflecting the impact ICCS’ services have on our community. Jason especially appreciates the real-time links to social media and the ability to easily share different links and stories.

All done in just a few weeks.

Although LRS is a large operation, Jason appreciated the personal attention his project received. “Building on our history with LRS tech support, we’ve had great experiences with Web Solutions. The entire team is professional, dependable and responds in a timely manner.”

 Jason also appreciates the ease of using the LRS Antilles Content Management System. “It’s very user-friendly. We have the autonomy and freedom to do things on our own, and we don’t have to go to LRS for every little change. We’re in control of content.”

Updating your site doesn’t have to take months of planning and a huge chunk of your budget. Contact Jeff at LRS Web Solutions to discuss how even small refreshes to your website can make a big impression.

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